The Sanguine Crew


Harvey Meet Harvey MacFarlane, horseman, teamster, coach and teacher, watcher, dreamer and teller of tall tales.With an engaging grin and a twinkle in his blue eyes, he shares the stories of a lifetime of adventures on the racing, ranching and show circuit.Listen with care, though, as his trademark slow drawl leads you to believe the shaggiest dog stories until the punch line leaves you gasping with disbelief and laughter.

Even better are the true tales, of the chaos and camaraderie of the chuckwagon racing circuit, of chasing wild horses in the Rockies, stories gathered over fifty years of driving, farming and living with horses.

Harvey’s journey started at age eight when he proved his readiness to do farm work by being able to harness his own team.At 12 he had trained his first saddle horse; at 16 he was buying and selling horses.In his teens, he competed in Western pleasure, jumping and gymkhana classes and worked at the thoroughbred racetracks as a pony boy and trainer.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, he drove over 5000 chuckwagon and chariot races and set track records across the three prairie provinces.During that time he trained nine drivers who went on to win rookie chuckwagon and chariot championships in Alberta.He trained the first female chuckwagon competitor, his daughter Sherry, and she went on to win the Alberta Chariot Championship.

In 1992, Harvey began raising and showing registered Clydesdales.He regularly drives show hitches of one to eight horses and has driven hitches of up to 12 for field work. In 2000, Harvey’s teams won the top three places in the Saskatchewan Super Team Finals, a timed obstacle course that features the best teams and drivers in the province.

In 2007, he took the hitch to the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, Wisconsin.

There, under Harvey's guidance, 18-year-old Rhys Spencer won World Champion Junior Driver with Harvey's home-raised team of Rufus and Bud.

He works constantly to showcase the Clydes by participating in wagon rides, parades and eight-horse driving demonstrations at community events. Everywhere people respond to the calm good nature of these beautiful creatures.


Ruby has become an intregal part of the Sanguine Clydes team.  She has shown an incredible dedication to learning all aspects of the operation, from showing to doing parades and demos, to helping at the farm, and doing the off season rides that we do. Ruby has shown an amazing aptitude and love for these beautiful animals and it shows in everything that she does with them. 




Meet Lane Telfer, Harvey's grandson. Lane has been helping with the Sanguine Clydes operation almost from birth, and it shows. He has learned so much from his grandfather, a man considered by many to be one of the most knowledgable horsemen alive.  While he is still only 12 years old, Lane has already driven our 8 horse hitch. We see many great things in this young mans future. He is learning to braid manes and tails, he shows in the junior classes at all the shows we attend, and he is a whiz at getting the hitch ready to go. 















Jordan is Harvey's granddaughter, and has also been around the Clydesdales since she was born. She has a natural ability to work with these gentle giants that is admired by many. Jordan is regualarly found in the washrack, helping Ruby to get the horses as clean and beautiful as it is possible to get them. She loves working with them and showing them.













Sherry Meet Harvey’s daughter Sherry, co-owner and operator of Sanguine Clyde's. She’s all girl and definitely tough enough to wear pink.

"When I was growing up, Dad used to race pony chariots and chuck wagons and I raced from the time I was 16 until I was 20" said Telfer." I was around the horses all the time growing up.” In fact with her father’s training and support, she went on to win the Alberta Chariot Championship and she became the first female chuck wagon competitor, and just for the record, her wagon was pink.

“I took a 15-year break and during that time, Dad got into Clydesdales and did some showing with them." In 2006, she joined the Sanguine Clydes’ operation full-time, starting at the bottom, working in the barn learning the operation and the horses. For several years with two small children to raise, she took on the responsibility for the day-to-day show string care while Harvey was on the road as a long haul trucker.She introduced her children to the life around the horses and her father’s horse behaviour methods to keep them safe in the barn.

Sherry is constantly experimenting to improve the condition and appearance of the horses. She has mastered the many tasks that make up the show from getting the horses spotless in the wash rack to powdering their giant feet.

She can handle harness that weighs as much as she does and she knows where each piece belongs on every horse. Fearless and agile, it is Sherry who walks the pole between the horses to string lines straight and true so that they don’t get hung up during a performance. In the show ring she is very competitive, with a wall of ribbons to show for her efforts.

Sherry2 She has been an important contributor to the hitch’s present success. In the past few years her involvement with the hitch has been reduced in order to focus on the needs of her children but the time will come very soon when the Telfers will be doing their thing in the ring again.