Sanguine: (SANG-win) warm, ardent, cheerfully confident, optimistic

Clydesdales are the most magical of horses, combining power and grace on a grand scale.The Sanguine Clydes are owned by Harvey MacFarlane, a legendary teamster renowned for his horsemanship and ability to take on any driving challenge and “get the job done. Driving a prime minister, or a mob of public school children is approached with the same cool-headed confidence. His horses reflect his confidence and even green horses live up to the promise of their name.

Harvey is also leader and inspiration for the friends and family who make up the human side of the Sanguine Clydes team. With a wide range of abilities and experience, the entire team is committed to give you an unforgettable and entertaining experience.

For a more hands-on experience with the horses, join us on a wagon ride or sleigh ride or book a ride customized to enhance your special celebration. We have made dreams come true at weddings, graduations, on holidays like Valentines Day, and have even inspired a marriage proposal or two. Let us make your special day even more unforgettable.

For the special few who want first hand experience with the hitch, learning opportunities exist to qualify to train and work with the hitch and crew. Our goal is to share our love for the Clydes with everyone we meet.Let us share it with you!

At parades or performances experience the glamour and excitement of a 8 horse hitch gleaming in full show harness, ribbons flying and powerful hooves pounding to a beat that will lift your spirits and warm your heart. For classic Clyde hitch images see our Photo Gallery.